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February 3, 2013 / haylierae1

Chungbuk it is!

Good day! I am pleased to update that I have received my placement in Chungbuk with EPIK, gotten all of my paperwork in, and booked my air ticket. Time no longer feels as if it is moving in reverse. In fact, it is on fast forward as I make my final arrangements. I am departing on February 14, for those of you whom can’t math that is eleven days from now. Even with all of the goodbyes, I am still filled with excitement and very little poignancy. I am most upset at narrowing down my wardrobe to two little suitcases. For those of you whom don’t know me personally, I am the reciprocation of a minimalist. Times they are a changin’! I have managed to narrow furnishings of a three bedroom house into two fifty pound bags. No, I did not consult the magical assistance of Mary Poppins either. Personally, I am quite proud of myself. *pats self on back* I’m off to continue to study all things Korean! Goodbye for now.


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